Monday, December 24, 2007

Nutritional Info (Shmooshmitional Info?)

You'll notice that every recipe I post lists the calories per serving at the end. For all the recipes I create, adapt, or use from another source (even if that other source posts caloric information), I always calculate the caloric information. I use a combination of and to get my numbers. And although I don't have it listed, I'd be happy to calculate the fat, sugar, fiber, etc. in a recipe for you if you'd like, just leave a comment requesting it!

So, why do I do this? Because I'm obsessive, that's why. No, it's because a year ago I got into healthy cooking and healthy eating, and as someone who went through a phase of calorie counting, I understand how nice it is to have recipes with the numbers all figured out for you.

Knowledge is Power! (yes ma'am it is!)

The End.



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